a strange little character from mcdonalds who runs around in a cape and mask and steals hamburgers.
” oh no, the hamburglar stole my hamburger again!”
a little 3 foot tall pr-ck that runs around in a cape and mask stealing hamburgers from mcdonalds.
“the hamburglar thinks he’s so tough stealing all the hamburgers from mcdonalds but when i get my hands on that little b-st-rd i’m gonna make him puke up all the hamburgers he ever ate and stole and then eat them myself”
to take advantage of someone, from behind, while said person is vomiting.
“i hamburglared bonnie while she had the flu.”
someone that comes along and jacks your burger.
d-mn that hamburglar just owned me.
someone who is a fat-ss and steals other people’s food (especially a hamburger or cheeseburger) because he or she is too fat and/or lazy to make or buy their own god d-mn food.

and when you ask this person if they stole your food, they have that guilty look on their face as they pretend to ignore you. way to make it obvious!
f-ck you sandy, you f-cking hamburglar.
one who strikes terror in the hearts of villagers in india by stealing their cows (which most natives of india deem as sacred).
punjabi: where are all the cows in majaraji village?

jugdeev: oh! no! hamburglar come to village and steal all our cows.
robble, robble,robble robble robble robble robble robble robble robble robble robble robble…..robble! robble! robble…..robble. robble robble robble robble robble! robbles robble robble? robble robble robble. robble
hamburglar,”robble robble robble robble?”

oh robble!

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