Hashtag Abuse

when you overuse the hashtag symbol, especially on non-twitter/instagram apps. includes having more hashtags than words in your post, adding the prefix “insta” to everything, tagging things that aren’t really related, and making hashtags longer than sentences.
fb post: staffing the ambo today, looking forward to a great shift. #ems #fire #firedepartment #fireandrescue #instafire #instafirerescue #instagood #crossfit #hangingwiththecrew #workinghard #idonthatemyjob #skillstopaythebills #hustleandflow #bringinhomethebacon

“man that’s some serious hashtag abuse.”
when anyone uses a hashtag (simply a way for people to search for tweets that have a common topic and to begin a conversation) on a website, text message, or anything that does not pertain to twitter. this is quite annoying considering hashtagging only works on twitter.
(in a text message)

guy: hey want to go see paranormal activity 3?
girl: i can’t, i have to work 🙁 #ihatemyjob
guy: that doesn’t work on text messages, only twitter.
girl: but i do it on facebook all the time! #freakingout
guy: oh my g-d you’re an idiot.

she is a hashtag abuser

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