Hangover theory

if somebody is more hungover than you, you don’t seem to feel nearly as bad. applies to other circ-mstances too, like if you are watching a scary movie and somebody is finding it scarier than you, you are naturally not as scared and can sometimes even enjoy the moment when your mate cr-ps their pants! universally applied to many situations. has a good humorous outcome normally 🙂
the next day jake was vomiting, while i felt like cr-p, on his fifth vomit i realized that i was in a far better place phycologically than jake.
if somebody screws up more than u, u can apply the hangover theory too and fly under the radar 🙂
watching a chick flick , and where possible u find a dude suffering more than u watching the movie, sit back relax and watch life’s movie unfold….there is fun there 🙂 burcules

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