verb. forcing a hug or similar embrace upon an unwilling partic-p-nt.

noun. the act of forcing a hug or similar embrace upon an unwilling partic-p-nt.
verb: “i had the suspicion that ellen was going to hape me after she had another c-cktail.”

noun: “i am going to report a hape if you don’t get your long island meathooks off my friend.”
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the hape is a rare creature which appears to be a strange combination of a horse and an ape. key identifying features of this beast include a full, thick unibrow, large nostils, and hair that resembles that of the hairgirl. it seldom grooms itself and is a hunter-killer. the hape dwells in a middle cl-ss community, unknown to most who live there.

the hape will find an innocent person at random, stalk every move, lure him or her into its trap, and refuse to let go. not many have survived this, and those who have are unable to speak of it, in fear that the hape may return.

however, although the hape may appear tough on the outside, do not let this deceive you. the hape often relies heavily on its mother to take responsibility for many things such as making phone calls, inviting people to its parties, etc. its mother is extremely protective. if you dare to hang up the phone on her, prepare yourself for a barrage of angry calls from her. calling her back may very well result in your phone number being blocked and a call to the police.

keep your distance from the hape, and especially its mother. it is best observed from afar.
“the hape’s mom called me, and then blocked my number!”
half asian part english
jimmy told me his girlfriend miko churchill was a h.a.p.e.
pr-nounced happy.

stands for hill’s annual polar expedition.
hey, where we going for hape this year?

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