hot by -ssociation

a girl/guy that is the hottest of their friends. however, their friends may not be that hot. therefore making them seem hotter then they are.

to put it another way the best of a bad bunch.
bob: man that chick is hot.

carl: she’s pretty hba dude.

bob: d-mn your probably right!
the hardest b-tches alive, they are the best, and lots of people wish to be them, no one knows when or who they’ll get next so stay back or your gonna be 6ft deep.
yea baby im h.b.a material
hot british asian
used when a pretty female of asian origin is seen

eg: “check out that hba”
acronym for hot booty action
d-mn hommie gots to get some hba from that hoochie
hot babe alert

used when a hot babe is sighted.

original term from the book unlovable by pearl e. watson.
two girls are standing on the beach when they see a hot babe paddle by on his surfboard.

girl1: whoa! check it out!
girl2: hba!

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