a name for those that frequent online chess site forums and are known for their lack of wit and small mindedness. often those in their presence will note a foul odor, usually a result of halitosis, but if nearing the end of the month it will be due to not having showered. upon being interviewed, women who have made the mistake of sharing a bed with a hennybogan tell of disappointment and remark upon the frequent episodes of crying. is also becoming synonymous with flatulence and bad s-x, i.e., “aww man, someone just dropped a hennybogan!” and “that guy last night was so bad, such a hennybogan”.
“i slept with a hennybogan last night, it was devastatingly bad”

“dude, you smell like a hennybogan, what’s that about”

“i met a guy last night, all he did was complain about how small his p-n-s was and cry, what a hennybogan”.

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