High Rollaz

the high rollaz are the most gangsta’ -ss rap group of all time, and they are loosely -ssociated with the notoriously thug c.r.u. (caucasion rap unit). hailing from the ghetto of mount royal in notorious f.r.y. decided he needed a way to make some scrilla. so the mastermind behind this crew of thugs gathered his friends crakka barrel, freshbuck, vanilla bryce, rapscallion, freshy smalls, freshy talls, copkilla, and dj barocka. the group achieved immediate success with their breakout hit rollin’ dem dice, and were immediately the scrutiny of the media. newsgroups and outgraged mothers had a problem with the gangsta’ -ss ways of the high rollaz. freshbuck wouldn’t stand for this and punched some big mouthed bitty in her grill at a press conference. he is currently serving a life sentence at san quentin.
freshbuck:jennifer aniston couldn’t get enough,
lisa kudro liked it rough,
courtney c-x wanted the double stuff.
high rollaz gang baangin’ hilary duff!
group in which the once big and ugly, now medically obese and really ugly john coughlin is a particularly gay and disliked member. he is known to suck on c-ck, be insulted by his “friends”, and look suspiciously like a human toad. it is rumored that once, very long ago, john magically and amazingly found himself some p-ssy; though, presently, this is a highly debated argument. one side claims that anyone possessing the correct amount of alcohol, ghb, and desperation is capable of getting p-ssy if he tries desperately and pathetically enough. the other side simply says, “hey, it’s john motherf-cking c______ were talking here…”
guy 1: hey, john of the high rollaz sure did get his motherf-cking -ss beat down by that little dude at randal park…. didn’t john outweigh him by a hundred pounds or so?????

seth: yeah, but, uh, john got him in a punch or two–well, a punch–n-gg-. g-g-g-g-g-g-uuuuunit!!!!!

guy 2: yeah, but that little guy got in fifteen or twenty punches and john was bleeding and looked like he was about to cry and stopped talking sh-t and asked lingus to stop hurting him and got f-cking punked after talking all that sh-t and lost the respect of everyone at school and was humiliated and embarr-ssed and made fun of behind his back for months and months and became the worlds fattest little f-cking b-tch and–most importantly and shamefully–did weigh like a hundred more pounds than david…..

guy 1: and they call themselves the high rollaz…. tisk tisk tisk

seth: …………..
punk -ss crew from yakima wa attempting to stunt and get thems’ some b-tches while actually–as is known to everyone but themselves–being a bunch of poor, broke, ghetto motherf-cking p-ssy -ss b-tches and f-ggots. every one of them. hey, i can live in the hood and have nothing and be nothing–including the respect of those around me–and give myself a flashy name too, but, well, i still wouldn’t be sh-t or have sh-t. tisk tisk tisk, like an ignorant six year old pretending to be batman, let them live in their magic happy fantasy world. it’s pathetic really.
hi, i’m julius from the high rollaz. i talk about rolling with cases of hypno, but not only have i never owned or seen a case of hypno, i don’t know where to purchase a case of hypno. woops, i sure do look like a camel. or beatle juice.

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