a really sk-nky person who likes to have s-x with random people or inanimate objects.
man, that josephine is such a ho bag. she sure gets around
noun: a term of endearment used to describe a person who satisfies any of the following descriptions (1) bringing the realness (2) being good at frisbee (3) being a good friend (4) being awesome at tie dye (5) just being awesome (6) owning a b-m.

(definition used extensively throughout north and south carolina, particularly in the ultimate community)
happy birthday hobag! i tie dyed a b-m for you!
just like a shotgun, three c-cks and she’s loaded
brandy is such a ho-bag
1. one who dresses like a tramp or sl-t

2. a woman who’s -ss you must disinfect before you engage in s-xual intercourse

3. a woman who sleeps with multiple men
oh my god! i cant belive you f-cked that ho bag! i hope you used lysol on that booty before you tapped that!
1. an irritating, nettlesome, pesky b-st-rd.
2. a dirty, untidy, woman adulteress.
3. a prost-tute or a woman of the street — (a woman who engages in s-xual intercourse for money)
4. a b–tch (derivative of b-tch, used to exemplify person a’s disbelief, anger, or frustration with person b.)
5. anyone within speaking distance of you on a bad day.
6. anyone who is currently enrolled in the westfield high school band. (back that sh-t up).
sh-ll “hey hobag”
jo “hey hosh-t”
-hummer rolls by-
both “huuuuuu-mmmmer”
-gun shots in backround-
both “ohhhh shiiiit”
a person (usually a girl) who sleeps around like it’s her job.
jho was such a ho bag. she was banging ten guys even with her sandy v-g-n-.
a hobag is a girl who is extremely sl-tty and unintelligent, or one who wished that they could get it on, but they are too ugly.
ashley b—– in ct is a hobag.

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