a white guy of low economic status who lives in the ghetto
“randy, get yo’ -ss outahere, go back and hang wit da hokeypoes!”

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  • Holla at pop

    a way of getting the attention of a female nearby. “yo shorty, holla at pop!”

  • holler back

    1) less ghetto version of holla back, meaning to respond to a person at an unspecified later time. 2) to return to your country roots after a period of city living, as in lost trailers’ song “holler back” (“holler” is a country term for a valley, a b-st-rdized version of “hollow”). “if you wanna go […]

  • Holly Hilled

    adj. a severe state of intoxication which is brought on in order to go hogging. the state occurs after obliteration and it not only requires that the police take you to detox, but your condition is so bad that you are the one who called the police on yourself. jay spent 54 hours in detox […]

  • homam

    sometimes spelled “homam”, it’s the acronym for “heroes of might and magic”, a long-lived series of turn-based strategy video game. the game is set in a medieval-fantasy setting, and allows the player to acquire and manage resourses, build and upgrade structures, recruit units (mainly mythical creatures), cast spells, explore the world, and lead a “hero” […]

  • Homd:)

    highlight of my day. to describe one’s own experience with a sense of proud-ness. “today i received my chemistry test back and received an a.” -homd:) “today, a girl asked me out.” -homd:) “today, i donated money to a begging homeless person so that they could buy food.” -homd:)

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