the act of making something hokey, or increasing its existing hokiness.

see: hokey; hokified; hokification.

see also: cheesify; dumbify; stupify.
“that metalhead’s really hokifying this party – wish he’d get rid of that “winger” jacket he’s wearing.

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    when you jack off so much that it seems that your hand has a hole in the center meant for the deed. that guy doesn’t need a woman, he has a hole hand.

  • horizontal waterfall

    when you lie on your side on the edge of your bed and -j-c-l-t- off the bed onto the floor. me: dude, kya gave me the most spectacular handjob last night. zac: finally. me: yeah, i even pulled off a horizontal waterfall! zac: that’s awesome dude!

  • housetruck

    a truck that has been converted to a mobile home. in some countries (new zealand) this has been taken to an art form. can also apply to buses, as in ‘housebus’. the modern day gypsies of new zealand often live in housetrucks.

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