homer simpson

possibly the greatest man who ever lived.
“woohoo!four day weekend!”
everyone’s favorite over-weight, yellow-bellied bald-guy. wears a short-sleeved shirt when wearing a tie. isn’t that weird?
“oh, look at me! i’m making people happy! i’m the magical man – from happyland! in a gum-drop house on lollypop lane! … oh, by the way, i was being sarcastic.”
age: 39
height: 6′
weight: 239 (used to be 260 before he lost weight for marge in “a brush with greatness.”)
kids: 2.5
iq: 75
three favorite things: marge, beer, and donuts.
“homer simpson is the fat, selfish epitome of america.” -kang and kodos
world’s greatest american stereotype!
probably the greatest character ever to grace the television screen. incredibly dumb, yet insanely lovable. full of cl-ssic quotes, stupid stunts, and an unending appet-te. i love this man.
hey, let’s get stoned and watch homer talk to johnny cash at the chili cookoff.
when one is lucky by bafoonery
i pulled a homer simpson
1. a cartoon character in “the simpsons” that eats too much, drinks too much beer, and all in all is a complete moron, just funnier than the average moron.

2. when a person succeeds when he/she does not know what they are doing. at all.

3. pure, crazy, insane luck.
“that four year old’s driving!”
“but he just won the daytona 500!”
“looks like he pulled a homer simpson”

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