homewreckin bangin

“homewreckin bangin” h.w.b. is an adjective that describes someone who is extremely beautiful, that could be with any man she wanted, but still has integrity. someone with morals and values. she is blonde, with tattoos, a bangin body, clout, and a kick -ss personality. her guy friends want to hit it and the females are jealous but her loyalty is genuine. cl-ssy
daammnnn!!!! tiffany, you are ‘homewreckin’ bangin!!”

that girl is “homewreckin’ bangin’! i love her personality and she is beautiful.

she is very well respected by the way she carries herself with integrity and dignity. i think she is ‘homewreckin bangin.’ she is confident and could have any man or woman she wanted but she is cl-ssy and reserved.

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