a gumpy, spineless, p-ssy -ss person
that kid is so unathletic. he’s such a honyok.

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  • ayub

    very smart,gets good grades, well mannered and charming looks i want my boyfriend to be an ayub a big t-tty r-t-rd man look at ayub #notcool

  • hound zoom

    the act of zooming in on somebody’s face very close for comedic affect.. “bro watch me hound zoom this ridiculous photo of jeremey’s girlfriend”

  • full danson

    to go the extra step in stupidity to reach a point where your friends think you are mentally challenged. “so we were on a boat playing a game of “what’s odds” when grant went full danson and had to do a b-tt chugg”

  • entrepreneurial period

    the entrepreneurial period is similar to the female menstrual cycle. it’s where an entrepreneur goes through different mood cycles throughout a certain period of time. these moods are normally based on how their business endeavors and family life is doing. wife: bill was in a really good mood last week but this week he’s irritable. […]

  • gran autismo

    when the autism levels are so high it becomes a new stage of pure cringe and embarr-ssment. a parody of the racing game series ‘gran turismo’ 1: this furry convention is on a new level of autism 2: i know it’s gran autismo in here

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