to be of a larger nature. to be so big that when you get in a car you have to lean in on the other person just to close the door.
a girl p-sses by, and exclaim “dayumm nikkuh that gurl got a hugenoid donka donk!!”

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  • Humpty Dumptyin

    (n)- a person who sits on the fence on every situation and remains friends with everyone and does not get sucked into the petty beef people try to start. muh dood: ” hey jobin, who you siding with in this fight?” onig+hew dog: “nah man. im humpty dumptyin on this one.”

  • hungry seal

    when you make your b-tch eat a mouthful of goldfish while getting -n-lly penetrated. she will flop and moan like that of a seal. “i heard andrew made kendall a hungry seal for breakfast…” “yeah man…i heard her flopping around and sh-t.”

  • Hunkmeister

    a meister of hunkiness; a person (typically male) who has mastered the art of being a hunk. incredibly handsome, debonair, dreamy, etc. popular with 14-year-olds. 100% legitimate, hip slang that teenagers totally use. opposite of “dweebmeister”. “what a totally phat babe!” “yeah, he’s a real hunkmeister!”

  • hypenasty

    a word used to descirbe hype beasts in a negative way. taken from the word hypebeast and nasty. origin, san francisco ca. credited to julius and olivia. stupid hypenasty beasts with them underground shirts and j’s on.

  • hadaway

    gte lost, ur kiddin! haddaway nd sh-te man!

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