I am Legacy; therefore, entitled.

a phrase used by a legacy player of final fantasy xiv (14). when a player utters this phrase, it means that he/she:

1) is a user with a service account that had paid for at least 90 c-mulative days of subscriptions between january 6, 2012 and november 1, 2012. they hold special privileges such as a discounted subscription price post-launch of version 2.0, exclusive in-game chocobo mount, and their name is to be displayed in the credits for version 2.0.

2) feels that because of their partic-p-tion in the infancy stage (1.0) of final fantasy xiv, their voice deserves to be heard over any other potential players when communicating via official ffxiv forums.

3) feels that because of their partic-p-tion in the infancy stage (1.0) of final fantasy xiv, their every gaming related want and need must be indulged for the sake of the future enjoyment of all true final fantasy xiv fans and players.

4) has a deep, resonating sense of ent-tlement that is fully justifiable because they are a final fantasy xiv “legacy” member. some of the legacy community feel an even stronger sense of ent-tlement if they have played the game and/or have had an active account since the start of the game in 2010. the ultimate ent-tlement is felt by members of the community that partic-p-ted in the alpha/beta phase of 1.0, played the game since 1.0 launch, and was there to witness the end of 1.0.
example #1:
ffxiv player 1: the gr-ss isn’t realistic enough in 2.0
ffxiv player 2: it’s fine. what are you expecting?
ffxiv player 1: perfection.
ffxiv player 2: nothing is can be “perfect” man..
ffxiv player 1: but i am legacy; therefore, ent-tled.

example #2 (very realistic example from ffxiv forums):
hi…rokien here. i hope everyone is having a wonderful day. i know i am (hanging out with the gf). today, i’d like to talk about immersion. arr needs more of it. because i am legacy; therefore, ent-tled.

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