1. moment in time when your body is so c-ked that a numbing sensation spreads starting at on your face.

2. unused excitement that causes you to feel separated from your head.

3. getting so excited when thinking about future events.
ex. 1: guy 1: hey andrew i really hate being at work!

guy 2: i know man it’s so dead in here, i can’t feeel my face!!!!

ex. 2: guy 1: bro you ready for tonight, i hear there is going to be crazy b-tch-s gettin down.

guy 2: i heard man i’m so excited i can’t feel my face!!!!
you are so high or drunk that you cant feelyour face
i’m so high that i cant feel my face
originally coined by rapper ghostface killah on his fishscale alb-m in the song kilo, “i can’t feel my face” is when you face numbs after snorting a lot of c-ke, blow, or yay-yo.
ghostface killah lyrics intro to kilo:
“yo, oh, yo rae… i can’t feel my face…
my heart pounding and sh-t…
paranoid as a m-th-rf-ck-r right now, who da f-ck? close da blinds and sh-t!
who dat? captain kirk?
the f-ckaz da stark enterprise n enterprise sh-t outside or some sh-t?
..i need some p-ssy tho i’m ready for a catwoman or somethin…
fu-f-ck it, lets go!”

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