of or relating to a region or people, esp of the middle east iraqi, bangladeshi
word origin

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  • -ia

    a noun suffix having restricted application in various fields, as in names of diseases (malaria; anemia), place names (italia; romania), names of roman feasts (lupercalia), latin or latinizing plurals (amphibia; insignia; reptilia), and in other loanwords from latin (militia). -ia suffix occurring in place names albania, columbia occurring in names of diseases and pathological disorders […]

  • -ial

    variant of -al1 : grallatorial. -ial suffix of; relating to; connected with managerial word origin

  • -ian

    a suffix with the same meaning and properties as -an; -ian, is now the more productive of the two suffixes in recent coinages, especially when the base noun ends in a consonant: orwellian; washingtonian . -an suffix (forming adjectives and nouns) belonging to or relating to; a person belonging to or coming from european (forming […]

  • -iana

    -an, -ana. -ana suffix denoting a collection of objects or information relating to a particular individual, subject, or place shakespeareana, victoriana, americana word origin -iana suffix a variant of -ana

  • -iasis

    a noun suffix occurring in loanwords from greek: psoriasis. -iasis combining form (in medicine) indicating a diseased condition psoriasis compare -osis (sense 2) word origin -iasis suff. a pathological condition characterized or produced by: teniasis.

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