iain anderson

sarcastic & short.
iain anderson is sarcastic & short

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  • brande and jon

    perfect brande and jon are perfect!

  • moist dragon

    used to refer to a used tampon but can also be used as an insult. e.g. sarah pulled out the moist dragon. e.g.2 john! stop being a moist dragon!

  • bethany cantrell

    she is a unimoose (a unicorn moose) she even has her own magnificent dance for her species. she isn’t afraid to throw punches if someone messes with her friends. she is usually seen prancing around with her squad. bethany cantrell is usually a well known crazy but amazing girl

  • dalenger

    when a drunk hippie falls asleep on your front lawn but you mow it anyway after coming home for a lunch break to take a dump, i ended up being late so i called in sick for the rest of the day and decided to mow my lawn which led to a dalenger.

  • schmive

    when both male and female c-m mix and ferment, releasing a dead aroma ‘it smells like schmive in here’ ‘i think someone schmuved’

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