an impenetrable sp-ce created by surrounding oneself with apple products.
1. a new grocery store just opened near the jefferson subway stop, but i didn’t see it in the real world until it appeared on foursquare, i’m so living in an ibubble.

– or –

2. person a: i just dropped my iphone behind a wall at the gym, and it’ll be spending the night there. meanwhile, i feel as if i’m missing my arm! maybe this is a sign i have an addiction?

person b: ☹

person a: eh, i guess it’ll be good for me. i’ll have to pay attention to the people and things around me instead of hiding in my ibubble.
a term used to describe the state which one enters when turning the volume up on one’s ipod, rendering them oblivious to the world around them.

basically you can’t hear anything so you’re in your own little bubble.

term coined by nicole scribner
jake was in his ibubble again so i grabbed his ipod and pulled out the headphones so he would listen to me.

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