greatest baby name ever.
ignatius bob
the best name ever created. a person with this name had a shining personality and is loyal to everyone he comes across.. adventurous and talented. the best s-x you will ever have is with a person named ignatius. anyone with the name has a big p-n-s not a small one. is the american version of ignacio and the longer version of iggy or ig.
whats that guys name?
his name is ignatius.
what!? with a name like that i gotta hook up with him!
an incredibly strong and s-xy beast. talented at singing sports and children’s card games. everyone wants to hang around ignatius because of his pleasant presence and sweet smell. women dream of him every waking minute once they have laid eye on him. incredibly h-rny and cool at the same time. but usually has a very small p-n-s.
david: i can’t belive i lost to that guy.

mark: well, he was an ignatius.

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