an evil money grubbing website, obviously run by money grubbing jews. known for it’s “superior” admins that are “fast acting and always responsive”. ijji hosts a number of supposedly “free” online games that offer the use of gcoins (or real life money) to actually have any fun/buy better items or “prems/premium items). ijji is extremely rich and has bought every free game that has not been published in america yet, meaning that any game that ijji has that could have been good, won’t be because ijji is running it. all thanks to the fact that every gunz player has spent over $9000 of premium items for a free game.
new ijji player: omg free games, this is sooo kewl, hai community

community: stfu, we’re all r-t-rded but we don’t know that.


gunz community:omg!1!!, neew prems!!!, -egoegoego- we r prolar.
a company of games which includes:

1) cool man, you should play that soldierfront from ijji

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