imaculent or immaculent. different spelling. considered not a word.i is short for or the same as the e, so it could go either way based on english, language, if we shorten things. so same as saying invincible, imvincible, emvincible, envincible, to evincible, ivincible.

example(immune, mune is ability to effect, im is not likely to be changed, because things can adapt and although differnt stay the same. yet im( as in immune to or unlikely , or simply the word en, of in, umatched, cant be changed yet, so many possibilities), macul( sort for maculate, which is tidyness, attractiveness, with clothes or being or anything in general), ent( as in govern, m,ent( state of being, prepectual state, which is in constant adaption). lets make a word, in not the first to use it, but it has all the qualities to be a word.
so imaculent is near perfect tidiness or apperance in ones or somethings state of being. immaculent is perfectness in ones tidiness or apperance in ones or somethings state of being. there i just created 2 new words.
sierra your hair is imaculent today. let me fix that one hair.

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