lazy way of saying isn’t it. used by roodboys who’s reputation precedes them, only before they trip over it and make a total fool of themselves. used at the begining or end of sentences by roodboys in groups.
roodboy 1:init man, that war well good
roodboy 2:yeah, it was hecktick init
deliberate misprounciation of “isn’t it”
init cold here?
a chav word, or rather it was stolen by them. often used when you agree with somthing
bob: that man is such a w-nker
shortened version of ‘ is it not ‘. a question, probably, when originally shortened, but now used by english people in about every f-cking sentence they say. half the time it’s used as a response, where most people might say ‘yes/yeah’ or ‘really/wow’ or ‘d-mn/sh-t’ … init/innit is used.
me – ‘i went to the store’
u – ‘innit’
me – ‘ bought some milk and bread and smokes and went home, watched bb on tv’
u – ‘innit’

” so me was out with me boys, innit, and we was going to get some beers, innit, when this guy, yeah, like comes up to us, yeah, innit, and he was like gimme some change, we was like, innit”
slang word for “isn’t it”
thats amy from school, init?
a good word when you can’t be bothered to talk.
hubby: “i’ve had a cr-p day, roofers, -rs-hole bosses, traffic, more traffic….”
ess-x wife: “init”
shorthand for “isn’t it” or “ain’t it”
i have two words for you:

keep it real

==that’s three words!==

nah, i’ ain’t, coz it ain’t a real wurd, it iz short for ‘init’… init?

ali gumba ‘indahouse’

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