insane obsession

a deep feeling that lingers inside you. you feel that something is missing and you need that thing more than you need air or food or water. you wake up every morning craving it and everything is black and white. but oh, when it comes near you! you feel alive, and race for it.. and then you realize that you are worthless to its power. everything fades away and you feel the earth crumbling beneath your feet, and then.. and then you fight for it. kill anyone stopping you and don’t look back at what you’ve done. but then you come to think. all those bodies of people you loved. people you trusted. friends. family. everyone is dead beneath your feet. and that thing you desired? is it a person? terrified. traumatized. object? meaningless. you can’t go back. it is all gone. nothing. left. at. all.
utterly crushing insane obsession.

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