an unimportant c-nt. a girl who means little to you.
man, i got nothin’ to say to that insignific-nt.
somebody who is both insignificant and a c-nt at the same time. also useful to disguise calling someone a c-nt to his face.
bradley willans is an insignific-nt!
a girl who is not worth the time or effort to try to get with
guy 1 “dude i tried so hard to get with this girl but just couldn’t”
guy 2 “dude don’t worry about it shes an insignific-nt”
(also spelled “insignific-nt”) – a person that is too worthless for any other adjective. please note: gender unrelated! rush limbaugh is at least as worthy a poster-child as ann coulter or the moronic 26 year old meth-freak that burned down the 5th oldest tree on the planet.
(sung to the tune of a warner brothers + sisters theme)
you’re an insignific-nt!
i should kick you in your front!
you’re a big, fat, stupid stoop –
and, you prematurely droop –
you’re an in•sig•ni•fi•c-nt!

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