grumpy, monosyllabic p-rn-gr-phy enthusiast.
“hey insineratehymn, i heard you lost all your mpegs.”

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  • interlachen

    a small town in central florida with literally, one traffic light, less than 2000 home owner’s, and no hope of economic growth. family’s who have lived in interlachen for more than two generations tend to take on a troll-like appearance (short, fat, unibrow, asymmetrical teeth ect.) the interlachen football team has a loosing streak unsurp-ssed […]

  • intertwined *sshole

    when you intertwine your fingers of both hands and shove them up a girls -ss while she trys to shove her own two fists down her mouth, im a f-gg-t for writing this things were really heating up last night until my girl told me she want an intertwined -sshole. i was shocked but i […]

  • recreation time

    when inmates get one hour to go outside. it’s recreation time! line up at the door!

  • red-*ss beatdown

    a total and complete -ss whupping administered primarily to one or more person or persons predominantly, but not exclusively, via an unarmed form of combat. can also be used to express a virtual -ss whupping as through a game medium as seen on “the brak show”. “i’ve been playin’…you’ve been gettin’ a red–ss beatdown!”

  • vagneumonia

    term for when the v-g-n- is feeling under the weather during flu season. daisy: “child my cootercat feels feverish and has the chills!” corky: “i think you might have vagneumonia. you better hit the free clinic.”

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