those people obsessed with instagram. they’re always on it and post stupid cr-p that no one cares about. they don’t have a life and should consider getting one. all they seem to post are things like “like for a tbh”, awkward selfies 24/7, weird quotes, videos that dont make sense, and other sh-t. they like everything too and have a very bad ratio of followers (following 5000, followed by 100). they also to things like #tagforlikes #followme and wayyyyyyy too many other stupid hashtags.
-“omg did u see what jen just posted?”
-“which one? the one from 10 minutes ago, 8 minutes ago, 6 minutes ago, 4 minutes ago, 2 minutes ago, or like just now?”
-“no the one from 14 minutes ago.”
-“ohhh yeah. she’s totally instasessed!”

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