from the phoenix slang, a combination of intern and r-t-rd. somebody who is paid to do nothing but ask questions, take up time from people who do real work and build cr-ppy models that fall apart.
hey intard, why don’t you do something productive, like get me some coffee.
a cross of a r-t-rd and inbreded person:
the intard used his hair dryer in the shower to save time.
a not-so-useful intern incapable of performing the simplest of tasts.
who hired this intard !” or “that summer hire is intarded when is he going back to school?”
a combination of insane and r-t-rd. a t-tle given to only the most f-ck-d up and crazy people you know.

trying to land on people from a building to kill them: insane
trying to bounce by wrapping yourself in rubber bands: r-t-rded.
thinking you’ll survive landing on someone from 5 stories up because you’re wrapped in rubber bands: intarded.
lisa is so intarded she tried to make shoes out of banana’s to be taller.

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