Internet Muscles

when someone tries to act all big and cool on the internet by posting offensive and rude posts and comments on forums, youtube, etc. often done to attempt to feel good about one’s sad pathetic lonely life.
nolifer: “you f-ck-ng idiot dont know anything about this go to f-ck-ng h-ll lolol i f-ck your mom b-tch!!

human being: “stop flexing your internet muscles, everyone knows you aint sh-t”
the same as “beer muscles”, where when a person is drunk, they do and say things they wouldn’t normally have to courage to do, or say. internet muscles are where a person gets online, reinvents themselves, and says things they can’t say in public, like using racial slurs for example.
khayam can flex his internet muscles and only use the n word, online because he’s way too much of a pure coward to ever say it in public to a black person’s face.

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