internet orc

there are two meanings of the internet orc. similar to the internet troll, but worse, the orc of the interwebs is even uglier and more socially disruptive than the troll. there are a couple of ways harmless trolling becomes the bashing of an orc.

1. straight up cyber-bullying is bashing

2. disregard for the feelings of another is bashing.
3. ad hominem attacks (bashing another character)

a second understanding of the orcs of the inter webs is that these are the really really bad trolls who make it too obvious that they are trolling. this is representative in that orcs are generally much more hideous than trolls and thus orcs are more easily spotted bashing than their more clever troll cousins.

synonyms: hater, d-ck, -sshole, ogre, meanie-weanie, hateraid-overdoser
oh f-ck you you ugly orc n-body asked you.

wow bad trolling. obvious as the ugly f-cking orc that you are! you are so bad at trolling!

next time dont make you disgusting face so apparent you internet orc f-ck!

bad orc is bad.

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