is a term used to describe certain evasive consistent symmetry attributes which are subversively planted within the subconsciousness of the social group. with the sole purpose of instilling within society a preconditioned cognitive representation in relation with how the social group response either enthusiastically or with indifference to specific words or phrases in relation to any given political, social or even religious subject. its intended function is to simulate a reaction very much like that of metadata or meta tags or (metadata) which are essentially designed to create or to recognise certain keywords pertaining to any given doc-ment or information etc.
mike and john respond with enthusiasm to certa9n aspects of a speech at a convention whereby the language used, is in line or in accordance with what is socially perceived as the norm, and in contrast respond with disinterest to those portions of the speech, which use language that deviates away from what can be categorized as outside the box. there responding entirely upon how they have been in a social context programmed to respond instinctively to a certain language. instead of -ssessing the viability of any given subject based on its merits and substance, a perspective which is intuitive-norm.

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