zuko’s uncle in avatar: the last airbender and a former fire nation general. he was due to ascend to the throne until he abandoned the siege at ba tsing tse because of the p-ssing of his only son. he is a firebending master, fond of games and tea, a member of the order of the white lotus, and has a habit of giving sage advice to all the right people at all the right times. note that the voice actor changed between seasons two and three of avatar: the last airbender.
“you must look within yourself to find yourself, only then will your true self reveal itself”- zuko mimicking iroh

“perfection and power are overrated. i think you are very wise to choose happiness and love” – iroh to aang
a fat asian dr. phil/george galloway lookalike from avatar: the last airbender. he is the only member, along with the ex-fire lady ursa, of the fire nation royal family that loves zuko. it is speculated that iroh loves zuko a little too much which explains while zuko has the mannerisms of an emo f-g with a near deadly case of teenage angst. (that or it’s zuko’s realization that he’s weaker than his younger sister)

iroh used to be a fire nation general but then he betrayed his country and like a wigger is to a white person or an antifa hooligan is to his own nationality, iroh hates his own fire nation heritage along with zuko and ursa. iroh sometime is known for having fantasies (both political and s-xual) of fire nation people being slaves to water tribesmen and sokka usurping power of the fire lord as well as his newphew zuko being sokka’s royal s-x slave (which is probably more pathetic than being azula’s b-tch)
iroh, ex-fire lady ursa and zuko are part of the fire nation chapter of anti-fascist action and respect, they’re communists, they hate their ethnicty and fantasize about being water eskimos or kyoshi ganguros.

iroh is also the fire nation’s answer to george galloway

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