income removal system
the irs folks tried to jack 5 grand off my bank account
internal revenue service

the band of thieves sanctioned by the govenment to take money from you in the form of income taxes and on anything you ever buy so congress has the trillions of dollars it needs to waste on pork, and projects that do nothing to benefit society, except the few people that will help keep them in office.
the irs reposessed my car because i couldn’t pay the taxes on it.

although i won a new boat, i had to sell it to pay the taxes on it to the irs.
the biggest rip-off in the history of u.s. government
the irs folks tried to jack 5 grand off my bank account
infernal revenue “service” a cartel of supercriminals who hold americans hostage for tribute money gathered each april 15th
the waffen irs will kill anybody who refuses to pay his tribute to them (taxes)
government branch that steals our money so it can be spent on b-ms that are too lazy to work, women that have too many kids, and bling bling chrome rims for guys with no jobs. just take your welfare check to the local currency exchange, and you’re good to go!

makes me proud to pay taxes on my hard earned money!
i made $100,000 last year, working 60 hours a week. actually, i made $40,000 after taxes because the irs feels that people who don’t work for a living, deserve to get checks in the mail. why don’t other countries do this except us again? oh that’s right, we’re lazy for the most part.
see dirt, sc-mbucket.
my landlord is an irs.
infernal revenue service, etc.

a satanic cabal of bureaucrats that believes in plundering the wealth of taxpayers to fund projects like the ghetto school program, iraq reconstruction and other forms of income redistribution from the middle cl-ss to the government.

one of the last remaining remnants of socialism in an otherwise free-market economy.

was christened (originally the “bureau of revenue”) in 1913 along with the federal reserve. see 16th amendment of the us const-tution. ratified by 38 states and signed into law by republican william howard taft, who came in third place in the 1912 elections (behind democrat woodrow wilson and bull moose candidate teddy roosevelt).

quite possibly deepened the great depression of the 1930s, which was much worse than the economic depressions of the 19th century.

federal income tax had been ruled unconst-tutional two times earlier by the supreme court in the late 1800s.

first set at less than 5% under the administration of abraham lincoln in 1862, and was voluntarily abandoned by the feds after the civil war (imagine that today).
the marketplace giveth, and the irs taketh away.

it’s impossible to get out of child support, subsidized student loans, state taxes and federal obligations to the irs.

the irs is taking 15% of grandma’s social security check, because she won too many bingo games.

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