Issac Young Middle School

the dumbest school on (possibly) this entire planet! hmm where shouuld i begin? oh yeah lets start with the kids! the kids are dumb as a pile of bricks or dog t-rd.the girls are complete sl-ts and dress like they’re going to party hard and they are olympic-level b-tches.they do nothing but start catfights with each other!,usally about a boyfriend or a facebook photo and the comments.but not all of them are b-tches.some of them and very nice and funny to be around and such.and they (the stupid girls)must wear forever21/ambercrombie/hollister/juicy/pink. the boys are not much better either.they are either h-rny or just plain douchebags.they like to make out with the girls or touch their b-tt/br–sts.or they either make fun of the girls and try to beat them up.nuff said bout the boys.the school its self is like a concrete prision.there are roaches in the locker room and smells too.and in gym cl-ss you dont even do anything! you just sit there like a rock and do nothing! suppodedly they are taking atenndence but they talk about.
the teachers are pretty decent.but some of them are sketchy….and some of them even ….you know hook up in the copy room.and the lockers are covered (on the inside) with stickers and graphiti. and the janitors curse the kids out a lot when they step on the newly mopped floors.and the bathrooms are covered in s-x talk like: i am going to suck d-ck today or,i am going to have s-x with (insert some boys name).
do not come here!!!!!!!
—football field:12:25pm—–
kiki:i saw you making out with tyrone in lincoln park!
chantelle:wtf is wrong with you!!! i saw that picture of you on facebook at new roc, totally wasted!
kiki:oh its soo on you wh-r- -ss b-tch!!
crowd: fight,fight,fight!
—-new gym:1:00pm—-
layla:hey,whats up,ricki?
ricki:why did you dress in your uniform?
ricki:you know we just sit here and do nothing in gym right here at issac,right?
layla:no…… im new here,remember?
ricki:oh, wanna talk about that new boy band?
—-centre ave 2:30pm–
jonnie:yo,girl wanna suck my package?
vicki:sure,just let me dress in my “special” clothes first..
—copy room 3:30pm—
male teacher:so….what do you wanna do besides copy….
female teacher:well lets play teacher….(takes off clothes)
male teacher:oh..mmmmhmmmm……(takes off his clothes)
penny:i know i left my coat here somewhere…
yasmin:why dont you check the lost and found?
penny:oh…ok! hear that yasmin?
yasmin: sound like moaning and panting…
penny:probably the bathroom
penny: o my lord what in the h-lls name!!!!!!!!!!!
yasmin:yo,penny what you yellin a- what the f-ck???????????????
female teacher-it not what it looks lik-
yasmin: yo man is every teacher in this school h-rny or what?????
typical issac young middle school

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