a person who attempts to squelch freedom of speech, and silence, shame, and demonize anybody who disagrees with them on any subject by calling that person names that end in -ist or -ophobe, i.e. s-xist, feminist, racist, ageist, socialist, fascist, intellectual elitist, atheist, xenophobe, h-m-phobe, heterophobe, islamophobe, christianophobe, etc.
there are istophobes on all sides of the political spectrum. ironically, istophobes claim to be the most tolerant and open minded people in their society. however, istophobes will not allow their opponents to disagree on even the smallest point of the istophobes agenda, and will immediately label their opponent as an extremist who practices racism, s-xism, socialism, atheism, xenophobia, h-m-phobia, heterophobia, etc.
adj. istophobic
i told my friend sheila there is a biological difference between men and women and she called me a s-xist misogynist. she can be a real istophobe sometimes.
i told my friend herbie i think unions do a lot of good for the average working person and he called me a communist pinko. what an istophobic overreaction!

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