i will miss you.
person 1: guess what, i’m leaving for ny in 2 days

person 2: have fun, iwmu! 🙁

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  • I called myself

    a phrase generally used when describing a failed or fake attempt at an action in american slang. i called myself modeling, but i was taking pictures for my blog. i called myself cooking, but that burnt piece of chicken couldn’t even qualify as food.

  • Ice Fyre

    a f-g. a gay/queer person. ice relating the the “lighter side”. a nub. person who has h-m-s-xual tendancys. a person who refuses to prove what he says. other terms: gunwolf; stk. “wow look at that ice fyre”

  • ice tongue

    sucking on an ice cube so your mouth is so cold and then you pleasure your partner with the melted ice cube and your freezing tongue. jon: dude guess what i did this weekend!! gabe: what?? jon: i ice tongued megan so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!! matt: did it freak her out? jon: yea yea matt: fo sho […]

  • idooski

    long hair on the -n-l opening of the person sitting next to you. beware it may eat you. shhh. dont get engulfedddd!!! lamen idooski

  • insecuriousity

    one who is rather insecure with themself and tends to asks many questions about them self to others, thus making them a curious person. “why do you keep asking me how hot you are every two mintues? you’re insecuriousity is showing again.”

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