of or related to the apple phenomenon
i need an iword for this idefinition

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  • nihahaice

    when a douche bag congratulates another douche bag douchebag 1: “you hit that bro?” douchebag 2: “totally did bro.” douchebag 1: “nihahaice”

  • koonspooter

    a male or female that decides to make relations or f-ck a n-gg-r don’t be a koonspooter austin!

  • trumptum

    when the president elect throws a fit. – rant. to behave like a child. to cream and pout while waving little hands. soft skin covering fragile ego. there was another bigly trumptum on tweeter.

  • spuser

    (n) a male or female who m-st-rb-t-s at least 12 times per day 1. have you seen joe yet today? nah he’s such a spüser, he’s probably still inside. 2. hey is she gonna hang out with us tonight? no she can’t she’s such a spüser though.

  • yasmary

    the princess of salsa. someone you can count on.she is very stubborn. her name is pr-nounced yas marie wow you dance the salsa as good as yasmary. your so stubborn just like yasmary

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