the football act of getting climbed up worse than a stripper pole during a jumpball p-ss.
getting iz’d on a 4th and long p-ss

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  • smoke bomber

    someone who consistently leaves a room without anyone noticing. this usually happens in a party/drinking scenario, and is usually because the person is weak. they know if they try to say goodbye they will be talked into staying/drinking for longer. so instead they find the perfect moment to sneak out quietly while everyone is distracted. […]

  • smoke the bragiole

    to suck d-ck! male or female marilyn:hey roy! what’s good with your man klaus…he’s kinda cute! can you introduce? roy: sure i can….but it might be a waste of your time! marilyn: what do you mean? roy: klaus won’t be interested in you….he likes to smoke the bragiole! marilyn:booooooo!

  • loss prevention officer

    also known as lpo, typically work for retail stores, specializing in the recovery of merchandise and the apprehension of the shoplifter. typically dressed in plain clothes to blend in as a shopper. lpo’s use cctv, floor observations, and 2-way windows to view the shoplifters in action. d-mn, i now have a misdemeanor on my record […]

  • mumbly-b*mbly

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  • mumbivalent

    a give-it-or-take-it att-tude regarding mumford & sons. “did you hear? mumford & sons tickets are on sale next tuesday.” the mumbivalent response: “meh.”

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