who is izmaki? just a noob.

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    derived from the sadom-s-ch-st “iceplay”, the original ice cr-p is the vacating of ice cubes (also snow, shavings, packs, even ice cream) from a person’s bowels into which said ice cubes were at some point inserted for s-xual pleasure. contemporary society has gone on to use the term “ice cr-p” in a variety of connotations, […]

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    noun – /īsˈment/ – the compressed, hardened cover of snow making a new surface layer on streets and sidewalks. his car could not get traction on the icement. the warm spring weather was breaking up the icement.

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    ice mileo is a hard-ss who always attempts to act ghetto wigger. you are such an ice mileo!

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    a very poisonous spider in the jungles of mohika in j-pan…. usually known to cause sudden itching….. dude 1: something bit me… nd its itching dude 2: maybe its tha ichimango spider 🙂

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    icing” — or “getting iced” — is a frat star drinking game. the rules are simple: if a person sees a smirnoff ice, he or she must get down on one knee and chug it, unless they happen to be carrying their own smirnoff, in which case they can “ice block,” or refract the punishment […]

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