J D Salinger

j d salinger jerome david salinger is an american author who has p-ssed into legendary status due to his works, the catcher in
the rye, nine stories, franny and zooey etc.

his work centres around disaffection, rebellion, zen, philosophy and the fictional gl-ss family. young children are often seen to offer salvation to those corrupted by the world.

his legendary status is also confirmed by his withdrawal from the publishing world around forty years ago. he has not published any work since this time and currently lives in cornish, new hampshire, in a house reported to be full of floor-to-ceiling cabinets containing unpublished works. attempts to discover more about salinger have always ended in failure. he just doesn’t want people to know!
over-enthusiastic literature student: “i’m gonna go meet my hero, j d salinger!”

jaded yet h-rny literature professor: “shut up i’m trying to take advantage of the trust and respect of my female students to get them into bed.”
author of catcher in the rye.
after becoming so famous he became a hermit and does not leave his house, do interviews, or anything.
j.d. salinger just sits in his house and waits to die.
probably the greatest writer in american history. 89 year old salinger had many stories published in the new yorker but has had only four books published; the catcher in the rye, nine stories, franny and zooey, and raise high the roof beam, carpenters and seymour: an introduction. his last work published was hapworth 16, 1924 in the new yorker in 1965. his last interview was in 1980 and since then he has become sort of a recluse and lives a quite life in new hampshire. salinger almost always writes about young, very intelligent and cynical people and his work appeals greatly to a younger audience because of his theme of loss of innocence and adolescent alienation.
i think for the past 40 years j. d. salinger has been working on a huge masterpiece that will be published when he dies and blow us all away.

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