jack shack

a jack shack is a place like a seedy m-ssage parlor or “modeling studio” or “gentlemen’s spa” where you can get a hand job for a reasonable price, and little fear of getting arrested for soliciting.
hey buddy, gotten your rocks off at the jack shack lately?
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usually specific to soldiers, or other people who are forced to live in close proximity for long periods of time without either s-xual activity or privacy, a jack shack is a small shack made out of blankets, ponchos or poncho liners that is erected so that the builder can m-st-rb-t- in relative peace. it is often explained away as a means to block light, or provide privacy to change, despite being erected almost exclusively around one’s sleeping quarters.
syn: whackatorium
he had only been in iraq for a week, but he had already built an intricate and comfortable jack shack.
an establishment that provides cost effective m-ssage treatments of the s-xual variety. also known as a m-ssage parlor.
jonathan frequents jack shacks because; (a) he’s drunk, (b) he’s h-rny, (c) he loves the smell of clorox, or (d) champagne rooms are too expensive.
a building which sells s-x toys and p-rn videos and has 25 cent peep shows in the back room.
hey mom, gimme a roll of quarters so i can go down the jack shack and rub one off.
a semi-private location used to relieve one’s self while on big brother 7/allstars.
howie and mike both used the jackshack because they needed to get their rocks off.
when your wife/girlfriend is menstruating (i.e. on the rag) and the only s-xual release available to you is masturbation.

(this is a tribute to the late comedian robert schimmel, who coined this phrase before his death in a song of the same name.)
john: “hey. you alright, man? you look tense.”

ray: “yeah. the wife is on the rag, man.. gonna be a long week in the jack shack.”

john: “ah. gotcha.”
a place where people go to have a jack attack and consume large amounts of jack daniel’s whiskey.
bean and sloot couldn’t wait to go to the jack shack!

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