the state of being paralytically drunk; speech may no longer make sense and vomiting is highly likely. you’d be very lucky if you remember your actions whilst jaded.
omg if drink that much we’ll definitely get jaded
the end result of having a steady flow of negative experiences, disappointment, and unfulfillment fed into a person where they get to the point where their anger circuits just sort of burn out and they accept disillusionment.
“the guy just sort of gave up on relationships. jaded b-st-rd.”
having so much bad stuff happen to a person to the point where they feel kinda numb.
man, i feel so bad for her. she’s so jaded.
emotionally numb. having been through so much pain that you simply give up and decide unconciously not to feel anymore. mental suicide.
its like she’s used up all her tears. she cryed everyday for years and then she just sort of turned into a zombie. she’s so jaded.
1. the state of being emotionally bankrupt
2. having no illusions
3. unfeeling, uncaring, emotionally numb or empty
a person who has expended more emotions than he/she is allotted is left feeling empty, disillusioned, jaded.
cynical, disbelief in the sincerity of human motives, believe that the worst will happen, pessimistic
gary was very jaded about the republican political agenda, to the point he was preparing to move to canada.
adj. worn out, dulled, as from overindulgence.
kate became jaded about love after the third boyfriend in a month broke up with her.
that feeling you get about college after a month or two, when you realize it isn’t any better than high school was and you’re still wasting your time. when you start to question why you’re there at all.
guy 1: dude, i thought college was going to be great, but the caf. food sucks, i have no money, the girls are all b-tches, and my cl-sses blow.

guy 2: you sound pretty jaded, man…

guy 1: so totally am; don’t think i’m coming back next semester.

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