a unique, rare and hybrid breed of a j-panese and dutch origin.

can also be referred to as ‘j-padutch’
so where are you from?” “i’m a j-panutch

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  • convenientship

    the type of relationship that, if convenient, is a friendship. however, a convenientship is broken if one party goes out of their way to converse or anything else that is friendship related. jesse and i totally have a convenientship, we never stay in touch but if he’s around town we’re friends.

  • j*pedophile

    a typically male j-panophile. sailor moon? tentacle p-rn? every p-rn girl in a schoolgirl skirt? keep these people away from the children. while ejovi insisted he watched anime for its artistic merit, i think he’s really just a j-pedophile, who’s in to little kids. non-j-panese person who behaves more like a j-panese than their j-panese […]

  • layability

    the measurement of how s-xual something or someone is. the ability to get laid or how layable someone is. “if we buy these stunna shades our layability will dramatically increase.”

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    giving hiring or promotion preference to fellow eaters of the bushy bowl. suze orman got a job as a shill for the fdic. look at fdic chairman sheila bair and tell me that’s not a case of lesbotism.

  • coozle

    to fondle or flirt in a sourly comedic manner jackson coozled queena in front of the sheldonian for quite some time until the three girls began to laugh at him.

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