when a women is laying slouched on a couch with her legs spread all the way open. the man who is all the way across the room will proceed to run toward the woman and jump on her trying to insert his p-n-s in her v-g-n-.
“last night we we f-cking and i used the javelin on her.”
the act of giving a vigorous hand job and when your partner is about to -j-c-l-t-, place a toothpick in their urethra and watch it launch like a “javelin”.
herbert made keith javelin so hard he broke a window.
a term for smoking marijuana either in a joint or blunt form
“let’s go toss a javelin!”
a premier rocket-launcher that is designed to replace the m47 dragon and other current at rocket-launchers. the javelin can also shoot down helicopters as an optional capability.
“it’s no fim-92 stinger though. ^_~ ”
a javelin is a light spear designed primarily for casting as a ranged weapon. the javelin is almost always thrown by hand, unlike the arrow and slingshot, which are projectiles shot from a mechanism. however, hurling devices do exist to -ssist the javelin thrower in achieving greater distance.
hot teacher :the word javelin comes from middle english and it derives from old french javeline, a diminutive of javelot which meant spear. the word javelot probably originated from the celtic language.

dylan: f@-k that here is a real javelin -unzips pants-

hot teacher: oh my god dylan !! -she starts rubbing his b-lls with her left hand, stroking his d-ck with her right hand in sync to the pace she is moving her mouth. goes all the way and deep throats him while doing this, dylan begin to hum and moan till he reaches an -rg-sm and begins to c-m.she swallows it, and licks it off of him-

dylan: i love living .
1.this is a long wood stick with a sharp metal square tip. 2. kate
when she walk into a room all you see is a walking javelin.
aggressive technique of fingering by inexperienced men.
man it was fine until he started javelining. i can’t believe they think girls like that.
the act of throwing items like a javelin
man, she javelined that pencil at me and hit me in the eye.

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