the best girl in the world. a great best friend and everyone absolutely loves her.
jaxine that girl is funny 😂

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    it is a last name that it’s past is very interesting. in j-pan there was a family of samurai and they had fought in many wars and they won every single war, but one day they were all killed, but there is said that the tachibana’s are still alive tachibana is very interesting

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    pinsperation is inspiration from pintrest. i hit a wall and couldn’t come up with any ideas for this design project. so i went to pintrest to get me some pinsperation.

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    things a guy does or says to try to impress a liberal girl. hey mark, i’m flying into nyc for the weekend. do you know any places to pick up chicks? yeah, that place is crawling with tail, but you better work on your beta game as 80% of those dumb ho’s voted for hillary.

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