someone who is a beast at everything he/she does. such as running barefoot on a muddy cross country course-or being beyond hot.
derek: “did you see that jay run by?”
nick: “yeah his name is jay, he’s really good.”
victoria:”and he’s so hot!! jay is such a jay!”
a joint, a rolled marijuana cigarette.
if you’re coming to my house bring a case of beer and a jay.
usually a big strong man most likely an mma fighter or football player. he is that friend that would stand up and fight for his best friends or girlfriends. most likely your favorite friend to hang out with. your favorite friend to party with.
enormous p-n-s and stamina of a race horse.
i seen this jay the other day, i wish i could be like him.
a jay is a gorgoeus man, truly loved by all for his wit and winning sense of humour. hard-working and loyal any girl cannot fail to fall for his charms, songs and poetry.
if your with a jay lucky you you’ve found your soulmate!
jay he’s that hot guy! hot
oh jay yeah that goreous funny guy! s-xy
i,ve gotta get his number! wow
the most amazingest kisser ever. you will fall in love just by looking in his eyes. his personality, smile, looks, everything is just the best. makes you feel like a princess and respects you dearly. he is perfect and you never want him to leave you. no matter what he does you will forgive him and love him forever.
girl 1(jays girlfriend): i love jay.

girl 2(jays ex girlfriend): i should of never gave him up. treats you like a princess.
short for jordan brand shoes.
a blood u gettin them red an black jays that come out on the 13th?
usually a guy. handsome, sweet, funny, fun to be around, the best thing that will ever happen to you, loving, caring, gentleman. perfect.
woww, he’s such a jay!

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