a obsessed jedward fan who is ever jedicated aka dedicated to jedward
dedicated aka jedicated

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  • e-b*lls

    a tendency to be bold and brash via internet correspondence, while being rather meek in a face-to-face setting. john could only ask kate out through hotmail when he had his e-b-lls. people who grow b-lls on the internet(youtube) like they have b-lls but in real life, they have no b-lls. internet sh-t talkers, quiet when […]

  • fob pose

    the pose overwhelmingly displayed by fob females when taking photographs. consists of making a “v” with the pointer & middle fingers (looks like the “peace” hand signal, the “v for victory” signal, or the way you give people bunny ears in photos)and tilting the head to one side. his girlfriend used to be a fob, […]

  • join grumper

    a join-grumper is usually a normal looking man who does something inexplicable to other men. arif khan (at the weekend)

  • jointz

    a group of teenage females, which many guyz are intersted in at a certain time or place, because the are easy….and likely to give it up “yo let’s go bag those jointz over there, son”

  • lip grip

    when you pull your p-n-s out of a girl and her v-g-n- grips it so hard that it’s pulled out an inch or two. man julie is so tight her lip grip is insane l-b– covering a p-n-s during a s-xual intercourse and its stretching back and forth. we were doing it in a reverse […]

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