the most beautiful of all her species. loving, caring, s-xy, beautiful smile and eyes. she will hypnotize you with the way she walks. extremely sensitive. her love is one of a kind. if you ever get the chance to date a jennette take it. she will change you for the better.

she is a goddess in bed, she will make you scream her name. you may think she is reserved at first but once she gets you in the room she will set your soul on fire. when she loves she loves hard.
guy: i met a jennette last night , she had beautiful eyes and a smile to die for.
friend: dude, she sounds amazing
supreme ruler of the universe.

pr-nounced jen-et
“dude, we better worship supreme ruler jennette or she will go apocalyptic on our -rs-s”
a very talkative, pretty, twisted young lady. seems all reserved, shy and pure but she will bend you every which way but loose. girl is a bat sh-t crazy s-x freak!
d-mn boy why are you walking like that?
i had a few drinks and got j-netted (jennette) last night!
a c-nt.
don’t be a jennette.

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