Jerry Curls

a fadish hairstyle popular with african americans in the 80’s. tightly curly “black” hair is chemically treated to be long an wavy. jerry curls had to be “rewetted” constantly with jerry curl activator to prevent drying out. jerry curl “juice” is responsible for staining millions of coat and shirt collars, automobile headrests, and sofa backs.

the jerry curl fad is one that many blacks would rather forget.
i would’nt date that jerry curl wearing m-th- f-cka if he was the last n-gg- on earth.
a hair style worn by black society in the early 80s that closely resembales the sicilian hair curl . although they will deny it they stole the look from the sicilians the only difference is on a sicilian its naturaul on black sociaty it was chemically indused
man 1 “why does that sicilian look like hes wearin a jerry curl” man 2 oh thats not a jerry curl that sicilian has naturualy curly hair
when you pick up a 60 lb weight or more. in the motion of a power clean only a g er name.
n-gg- watch me jerry curl this sh-t

nah n-gg- u cant do that sh-t its 130 lb
f-ck u n-gg- i can do it

see i did it, jerry curls are dumb easy

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