jessica symmonds

a girl thats innocent, sweet and a genuine person. shes the sensative type and seems to be very secretive. she puts up with alot in all fairness, has a very bubbly personality most of the time. when shes in a good mood the best person to be around in this world! the name ‘jessica’ she hates, no one else does. she gets upset by the little things, and she isnt afraid to tell people how she feels about things. she likes people to be there for her when she needs them, because jessica needs her friends the most. shes beautiful, inside and out, all the boys love her to pieces. shes lucky to have the life she has, jessica symmonds is that girl you want to be, after all, shes whats she calls herself, jess symmonds.
everyone loves jessica symmonds, shes that girl i wanna be

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